Air Conditioner

Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

June 13, 2019

Like most homeowners, you probably want to know why your heating or air conditioning is not working. You want to know the facts so you can make an informed decision. You want the truth, right?

Of course, one of the first things that need to be considered is how much the repairs will cost. Give us a call and schedule a visit for diagnostic service. We will dispatch a service technician to your home along with the meters, tools, and other equipment needed to diagnose problems with your air conditioner or heating system, and we’ll give you the costs for any repairs that need to be done.

Once you know how much a repair will cost, we’ll then be able to help you decide if it’s best to replace or repair your HVAC equipment based on the following criteria:

1. How much the repair will cost

2. The age, efficiency, and condition of your current equipment

3. How long you plan on staying in the home

With this information, you’ll be better prepared to determine if repairing your equipment is a cost-effective option. After all, paying more for repairs than the value left in your equipment might not be your best option.

Maybe you’ve already had a heating and cooling company tell you that it’s time to replace your HVAC equipment rather than have it repaired. But, you’re still not sure if you should actually go with that recommendation.

Give us a call and ask for our easy “2nd Opinion Service.” We offer this service as a courtesy, so it’s free of charge and will give you the added benefit of providing peace of mind when you know that you have the most accurate information needed in order to make an informed decision. Sometimes, we come up with the same diagnosis and recommendation as to the first company. Other times our recommendation is different. Either way, you’ll receive an estimate for repair costs from one of our experienced technicians. Our technician will also be able to provide you with the approximate age of your current system, the approximate efficiency of the system, and the system’s overall condition, as well as other helpful information. Armed with this information as well as our easy to use Repair or Replace scorecard, we’ll be able to help you decide if replacement or repairs are in your best interest.

There are many times when we have been able to help our customers save a great deal of money simply because they were informed about their options and they figured out that equipment replacement wasn’t the best choice.

*We offer our second opinion service free of charge when another company recommends that you replace your equipment. If it is determined that repairs are the best choice, our service technician will be equipped to make the necessary repairs at a price quoted.

How long can I expect my A/C to last?

The answer to this question will vary depending on a variety of things, some of which are under your control while some are not, such as an act of nature. In northern climates, air conditioners might last between 13 and 15 years. However, In Texas, you might be looking at 12 to 13 years as the average lifespan for an air conditioner. Typically, the systems that are regularly maintained and serviced will last longer. Systems that aren’t properly maintained might experience failure much sooner than normal.

What can I do to help prolong the life of my equipment?

All manufacturers recommend annual maintenance by an HVAC professional. If regular maintenance is not adhered to, the manufacturer might refuse to cover the warranty, considering the lack of maintenance to be abuse or neglect of the equipment. Learn more about air conditioning and heating maintenance.